About the Study


Adam Howard’s newest study goes into the secret worlds of American all-boys schools. Through the eyes of 127 recent alumni, we see the practices and relations involved in making privileged boys into elite men and the central role of privileged brotherhoods in this process.




Interesting Statistics from the study 

81% of participants come from a managerial class or owning class background

62% of participants identify as white, 17% as African American, 7% as Asian American, 3% as Latino, and 11% as biracial.

1 alum identifies as trans feminine and the rest identify as men. 120 alums identify as straight, 3 as gay, 1 as asexual, 2 as bisexual, and 1 as trans lesbian.

Collectively, the alums attended 41 different elite all-boys schools. 69 attended schools in the New England region of the U.S., 26 in Mid-Atlantic, 6 in Midwest, 4 in Pacific West, 17 in South Atlantic, and 5 in South Central.