Cut from the Same Cloth


few months away from graduating college, Quinn had no concrete ideas

The pandemic toppled his plans of playing professional basketball overseas. Everything was set– until it wasn’t. Feeling the weight of expectations from his family, Quinn turned to Oldham Prep (OP) for help in carving out a new path. The mighty alumni network at his Ivy League university paled in comparison, he thought, to what OP older alums would offer. He held on to the belief that had been ingrained in him for years: “Brothers help one another when it matters the most.” He found himself in such a moment.

   Memories flooded back when Quinn walked into the gym where his high school glory days took place. Waiting for the alumni career event to begin, he reminisced with his former coach. Their visit down memory lane was interrupted when men in business suits, a few wearing ties embroidered with the school mascot, filed into the room and took spots behind tables
scattered across the space. The time had come for Quinn to figure out life after college.

   Quinn went from table to table introducing himself but nothing caught his interest. Yeah, I would make a lot of money but no fuckin’ life outside work. He inconspicuously passed the table with the older alum from an investment banking firm. His former coach noticed him roaming aimlessly around the room. “Let me introduce you to a former hooper.” He was also a hedge fund manager. The older alum peppered in some questions about Quinn’s interests and plans for the future in between their conversation about basketball.

   I know somebody, another former basketball player, I think he could help you out,” the older alum abruptly announced toward the end of the event. “His name’s Luke. Let me connect you.” He dialed a number on his phone. Small beads of sweat formed on Quinn’s forehead and slowly began to trickle down his face. This dude’s actually doing it, like right now. The older alum looked over at him while waiting for an answer on the other line. “He’s gonna love you. It’s a perfect fit. Let’s make it happen,” he promised in a lower voice. Am I ready to make this decision today? “Damnit, voicemail.” A rush of relief ran through Quinn’s body. Thank god!

   On the train back to campus, Quinn had the much-needed time to think about the serendipitous opportunity that had just landed in his lap. He got out his cell and created a new
note to list the pros and cons of the job; something he did when making big decisions.I know nothing about commercial real estate and it has nothing to do with my major. That went under the ‘cons’ column.He then focused on identifying a pro.By the end of the two-hour ride, the pros outweighed the cons. He decided to explore this line of work more.

   But before he had that much time to think about it, his cell buzzed with a text message from an unknown number and then an incoming call. Luke, the owner of a commercial real estate company, started the conversation as if they’ve known each other for years. “It’s so much easier to just talk then text back and forth.” Quinn agreed and then Luke wasted no time in
making an offer. “Heard you’re looking for a job. Would love for you to come work with me. I’ve heard tons about you and know you shined bright at OP both on and off the court. We’re cut from the same cloth. I want that on my team.”

   They ended up talking for over an hour but not much about the job. That night, it was just brothers getting to know each other.